Firefighting Products:

SOLO International FZE and related companies are Supplier for various North American and European manufacturers and suppliers of firefighting products as below:

  • Fire Safety Valve
  • Firefighting suits
  • Firefighting Hoods
  • Firefighting gloves
  • Firefighting boots
  • Firefighting portable pumps
  • Firefighting floatable pumps
  • Vehicle Mounted Pumps
  • Skid and Trailer Mounted Pumps
  • Dual Purpose Monitor
  • Dual Purpose Radio Frequency Operated Monitor
  • LPM Fixed Mounted Radio Frequency Operated Monitor
  • Turbo Blowers with variable speed
  • The True Power of Ventilation
  • Automatic Nozzle
  • Conventional multi-flow Nozzles
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • HP Compressor, HP Mobile Cell and HP Rack
  • MP Distribution, HP/MP Trolleys and HP/MP Rescue
  • Ventilated Suits and Hoods
  • Airtightness Protective Suits
  • New Generation of Extinguishers
  • Water Motor, Butterfly Valve and Sprinklers
  • Fire Detection Control Panel and Conventional Panel
  • High Volume Ventilation and Mist Unit
  • Butterfly Valve Grooved Type